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The branch is always happy to accept new members! If you are interested in joining, you can simply complete the form below and we will then get in touch with you to confirm your application. Alternatively, should you wish, you can email Mrs. Ann Wagstaff with your contact details. Please specify whether you are interested in local or full membership.

Benefits of joining as a local member of the Beckenham & Bromley branch of the Historical Association include being invited to all events organised by the Beckenham Historical Association.

If you wish, you may sign up for full Historical Association membership, rather than just local. As a full HA member, additional benefits include the benefit of attending meetings at other branches, educational conferences, national and international visits, receiving HA publications and more besides.

If you are interested in full membership of the Historical Association please visit the Historical Association Membership register page.

If you wish to apply for local membership of the branch, please complete the form below.




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